Sunday, March 02, 2003

From Nature, a trustworthy source if ever I saw one, comes Doing the Dishes Wastes Water. The title makes it sound as if we couldandshould save resources by eating off dirty plates; the article actually goes much deeper, offering a double-whammy disappointment to all those who thought "by hand" always equals environmentally friendly:

1. People who wash their dishes by hand are sending the environment down the drain. They can consume more than ten times the water and twice the energy of a dishwasher.

2. Less than 15% of handwashers get dishes as clean as a machine.

And guess which 15% of handwashers get dishes as clean as a machine? That's right -- the ones using the most water.

Just one more tidbit of ammunition to use against the thoughtless knee-jerks that inevitably surround us all; one more blow for thinking moderatism. I love it.

Now if only we could afford a dishwasher.

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