Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Duty Addendum-dums

Had to proofread more yearbook pages during much of tonight's dorm duty. Not done yet, so apologies in advance if it cuts into the blogging over the next few days. For some reason, yearbook doesn't attract the best and brightest writers here at NMH; this is, I think, partially because it's so much work that it turns the best kids off, and partially because the school newspaper and the school literary magazine meet at the same time, so yearbook loses some of the best writers to those other electives.

On the bright side, Darcie says if there's any budget left at the end of the year, I get paid for all the hours I put in proofreading the predominantly ESL-student-written and therefore generally mangled text. On the notsobright side, who ever heard of a school department having a budget surplus at the end of the year?

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