Friday, March 14, 2003

Deep Thought from the Right

I have trouble seeing the surely-impending Iraqi conflict (Desert Storm Und Drang, perhaps?) in black and white. I recognize the tenuous nature of politics, of world stability, and am made nervous by endemic stupidity and cruelty and political machinations from the liberal left. I lean towards pacifist. I feel like no matter how informed I was, I'd still be on the fence.

It's difficult to be so, surrounded by adolescents most of the time. Teenagers, I've found, are predominantly liberal, partly, I suspect, because they like a good protest, and partly because the average teenager, when asked what he is rebelling against, still says "What have you got?" only in the new millenium he says it with detached irony to the sound of wind whistling through his nipple piercing. And he prefaces this remark, like all remarks, with like, as in like, dunno, whatcha got, dude?

But webblogs brought me to On The Third Hand, which tips the hat to The Emperor Misha and presents the War FAQ, and I'm thinking it's good, and that it's karma.

That's right, it's Answering 50 Frequently Asked Questions About The War On Terrorism, from Right Wing News, which I'd never seen before. But now I'm probably gonna have to, like, come back and look for other, like, stuff, because, like, conservatives, hey, once you dig underneath the conspiracy theories of oil and daddy-revenge, maybe they've got a point.

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