Saturday, March 15, 2003

Beware the Ideas of March

Not only is today the Ides of March, it's also been declared International Eat An Animal For PETA Day (originally by Yourish, now spreading across the bloggiverse). Seems a whole crowd of bloggers feel that the new PETA ad campign which compares omnivorous and carnivorous practice with the Holocaust goes way, way too far, far enough to deserve a counter-protest. For my own part, I ate some bits of chicken from some leftover chinese food, and half a pig-and-cheese sandwich so far. Maybe later I'll make a burger, or some fish, just to complete the set.

Personally, I think PETA is shooting themselves in the foot. Buy local meat, as one can do in small towns like our own, and one can feel free to ignore the ads while patting oneself on the back for weakening the mass meat production apparatus through your own savvy consumer practices. My meat doesn't have to come from fear, thanks.

[UPDATE 10:07 p.m. -- It's worse than you think. Today Yourish posted a roundup of bloggiverse responses to MeatDay, including this tasty tidbit:

Elie Wiesel is in the picture of the prisoners in the bunk at Buchenwald; he saw the picture and was stunned that they used it. PETA said in a news article that they weren't even thinking about apologizing to him for it. Plus, they've taken many of the quotes from Jewish organizations and put them on their site, with their "explanation" below. Here's a roundup of negative articles on the campaign.

God save us from machiavellians, especially PETA.]

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