Saturday, March 08, 2003

Away Message

Last night we arrived later than expected due to Darcie's frantic rush to make deadline for the last pages of the yearbook and a need for a babynap directly afterwards. My sister was doped up and grumpy, but the rest of us -- mom, dad, Darcie and Willow and I -- went out to a nice glass-walled place for latenight Chinese. My parents have a very different diet, so food out with them is always an adventure: the steamed shrimp dumplings and sesame chicken were MSG-less and deliciously familiar; the garlic spinach, scallops in egg white, and Ants in a Nest (bits of chicken clinging to browned burning-chile-hot cellophane noodles) were a new treat, similarly delicious.

This morning at my father's tailor to rework one of his somber suits into my mostlysimilar frame and new potbelly. Turns out there are two formal dress dinners on the Alaskan cruise at summerend. Did you know you're supposed to wear black shoes with dark blue suits? Guess you learn something new every day. So, shoes will probably happen this weekend too, I'd guess.

And now, a rare moment at the computer, on my father's AOL account. Blogging at my usual pace and time is difficult when we're in Newton, MA. Late night competition for the single computer in my parent's house can be stiff; we're a family with a genetic tendency towards nocturnality (nocturnalness?) and my sister seems to have claimed first rights, given her pain and the need to express it to the cyberverse after having her wisdom teeth removed (we're also a family with a genetic tendency towards wisdom teeth that grow in sideways towards our back molars, pushing against all other teeth; I was lucky; mine point out towards my ears).

Which is by way of saying that blogging may be sparse for a while, at least until Tuesday night when we return. Look to this space for the occasional coming attractions and short onthespot summary of the family visit between now and then; look to it for a quitelikely long and detailed report by Wednesday morning or so. For now, a mere list of what today and tomorrow have in store:

  • Fish with the baby at the New England Aquarium
  • A visit with Grandpa Jerry at the nursing home
  • A date with Darcie while mom and dad watch the baby
  • Aimless late-night drifting around the neighborhood in which I grew up
  • Surely, many more dinners out

Stay tuned for next time, when boyhowdy says...are we there yet?

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