Friday, March 28, 2003

And Just Where Have You Been?

Thinking about the upcoming summer trip to Bangladesh. Just for fun, I thought I'd end the day with a list of all the various countries I've visited.
  • U.S. -- Born and raised

  • Canada [Montreal, Toronto] -- various ages

  • Mexico -- age 13

  • Israel, Egypt, Denmark, Sweden, Germany -- age 14

  • Ireland and Northern Ireland -- age 16

  • Finland, USSR [Russia, Ukrania, Estonia] -- age 17

  • Holland -- age 26, age 27

  • England [airport only] -- ages 16, 26, and 27

Grouped countries were visited on a single trip, often using my parent's wildly broad sense of while we're there... Although there is, in an overflowing closet in my parent's house, a shoebox of pictures of my very pregnant mother traveling throughout Europe by Eurorail in 1972, fetal visits don't count.

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