Thursday, February 27, 2003

There Must Be 50 Ways To Use Your Duct Tape

I've got duct tape on the brain.

Despite a general sentiment on-campus that CNN is too biased to be trusted, CNN's Offbeat News comes through again with Judge duct tapes defendant's mouth: Man 'was being very disruptive'. Seems the defendant in question was trying to fire his court-appointed attorney, and when the Judge tried to explain that firing court-appointed attorneys is the exclusive privilege of the court, the guy kept interrupting him. Happened in Texas, of course (sorry, Laurence).

Saw a cartoon in this week's Newsweek with a newspaper-reading woman telling her book-reading husband that there's good news...the terror alert has been downgraded from duct tape to masking tape.

Today's Student Life Curriculum activity for the kids in my dorm was to watch the video footage of last week's build-and-ride-a-duct-tape-and-cardboard-toboggan race. As a practical joke on the House Director, I "accidentally" showed footage of our dorm's prizewinning crossdressing lyp sync performance two years ago, featuring said House Director in a plaid-skirt-white-shirt Catholic Schoolgirl outfit and me with my hair up in a stunning green dress that really brought out my eyes. Good times...

And Shaw, in an email on the American Feed mailing list, points out that if there's one person who's sure to benefit from the duct tape craze sweeping the nation, it's Red Green. He's not just the grand poobah of Possum Lodge; he's also the official spokesman for Scotch Duct Tape, which also comes in a convenient pocket size. It's like Uncle Red says: if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

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