Saturday, February 22, 2003


Found while browsing after a quick ping this evening: FoodDork, a site which wins kudos for its design and focus, but makes me feel sheepish about eating peanut butter crackers and apple juice as I blog. A few cooking tips and recipies, mostly musings on freshness and storage, the two best ways to cook salmon, tricks for Onion storage, anecdotes about pie. The two guys who run the site -- Mike, a journalist from Pensacola Florida, and Rick a pastor in Alaska -- are true amateurs (technically, "lovers of subject") who are, in their own words, "keenly aware of the need for better food in the world." Their icon is also a very cool spoon.

Today Mike asks: When you create a dish from someone's recipe, and it turns out great and you get all kinds of kudos and kind words, who should really get the acclaim, the cook or the composer of the recipe? His answer seems sensible.


Speaking of food, I'm glad to report that after a short hiatus American Feed is publishing again. Okay, this predominantly liberal online 'zine run mostly by some of my old Marlboro College cohorts has nothing to do with food, but my recent rant re: Howard Zinn's visit to our lovely institution is supposed to be published in a few weeks. I'll keep ya posted.


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