Tuesday, February 11, 2003

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Fugazi...and Sneetches

I stopped buying vinyl late in 1992, I think. Although much of my stuff has been shed skinlike in a hundred moves since then, I've still got some prizes: Fugazi, a dozen Dead disks, the soundtrack to Brimstone and Treacle (Sting's first solo effort, I believe), promotional folk and blugrass collections, and an EP with Dinosaur Jr.'s cover version of the Cure's Just Like Heaven one one side and a collage of body parts and Rice Krisps packets pressed into the black shiny b-side, making it unplayable but easily worth hanging on to 'till eternity for the kitsch value alone. Although I've collected over three hundred CDs since then, I continue to buy and maintain needles and turntables, rather than "upgrading" my favorite vinyl albums to the new shiny compact disks now ubiquitous yet always, it seems, on the verge of giving over to the mp3, for who needs plastic when the network follows you everywhere you go?

Last week there were finally needles in the new turntables here at WNMH radio, the tiny station nestled below the history and english classrooms of NMH's Stone Hall. I was excited, and out came the Timbuk 3, the CSNY, the aforementioned compilations. Lugged 'em over carefully only to find that the preamp had been blown trying to hook 'em up. Plus, the fluorescent light in the studio kept blinking on and off, on and off all night at the most inopportune times, like in the middle of The Sneetches, tonight's 11:00 bedtime story.

Nonetheless, a rocking radio show this evening, in the most literal sense. Funny how the tempo and tone of the day seem to drive the path of the music each week; funnier still how a quick browse through the old CD collection each week brings out the old chestnuts most in support of such a theme, although you never know that until you open up the airwave floodgates and the music pours forth by your own hand. Just having the vinyl there, and having planned to play it, drove the music journey, back in time and up in tempo, to the days when I was fresh out of high school.

Playlist follows; as always, the first entry is our regular theme song. See if you can spot the older pieces of the collection -- all late eighties and very early nineties -- in tonight's ten-to-midnight weekly edition of Tributary. Also, look for the short set of dead people; tonight's contest asked which of these artists would have turned 58 last week?

Bob Dorough -- Too Much Coffee Man
Spin Doctors -- Jimmy Olson's Blues
Primus -- Welcome To This World
Beck -- Devil's Haircut
Acoustic Syndicate -- Pumpkin & Daisy
The Wallflowers -- I'm Looking Through You
Glen Phillips -- Have A Little Fun With Me
Crowded House -- It's Only Natural
Phish -- My Sweet One
String Cheese Incident -- Search
Mano Chau -- Mr. Bobby
Cesaria Evora -- Sangue de Berona
Be Good Tanyas -- Don't You Fall
Pink Floyd -- Brain Damage
Bobby McFerrin -- Baby
Charlie Parker (w/ Miles Davis) -- Groovin' High
Grateful Dead -- The Race Is On
Bob Marley -- Could You Be Loved
Nirvana -- Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam
Los Lobos -- That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore
Mary Black -- Babes In The Woods
Alison Krauss -- Dreaming My Dreams With You
Ani DiFranco -- Angry Anymore
Lucy Kaplansky -- One Good Reason
Susan Werner -- Time Between Trains
Eddio From Ohio -- Candido & America

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