Sunday, February 23, 2003

He's Got The Whole Car In His Hands

Today's theme is cars.

The baby has a soft stuffed rattle that looks like the front end of a taxi and is banging it against the side of her crib while Darcie is off frantically doing layout for yearbook parent ads to make deadline.

The driveway is melting clean in the rain outside the window. The snow level's going down all over campus; the driveway snowwalls are down to a respectable three feet high, and I think we'll be able to see behind us the nexty time we pull out onto the road.

Thanks to snowcat for passing along Parking Spots, wherein people take photos of toy cars interacting with real cars and car-environments.

Zellie the wonderdog sits in her windowsill perch waiting to bark at the UPS truck. Don't have the heart to tell her it doesn't come on Sundays.

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