Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Heaven Is Other People's Stuff

In my attempt to bring a healthy redundancy to my life online and off, tidbits from two people whose faces I could pick out of a crowd:

Kudos to childhood chum PJ, a singer-songwriter extraordinaire currently lawyering for cash in the greater Boston area for bringing this somewhat rambling essay on barbecue to my attention. Disclaimer: Although I actually share songwriting credits on one track off PJ's recent album, I refuse to recuse myself from praise on the grounds that he is really quite good and you should check him out.

NMH student Nora's Personal Question of the Day: Which medium best conveys your true self? It's a tougher question than you think. Are you most yourself in Instant Messenger? A bathroom wall? Face-to-face conversation? Or is bodylanguage your native medium: are your true feelings as plain as the nose on your face? I think maybe I'm most literate, most self, in the mix tape or radio playlist, although hair-as-medium comes in a close second.

[Incidentally, for fans of those annoying online blogquizzes which ask you which Buffy character / 90's sitcom / disease you are, my own media question of the day: Which medium are you? By which I mean, like in those other quizzes, which medium represents you metaphorically? Which medium's qualities best represent you? For me, I think it's the blog itself: ill-defined as a medium, generally long-winded, collaborative and referential to a fault, and most often misunderstood. Also driven primarily by ego. How about you?]

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