Sunday, February 02, 2003

First Draft

Last few times I posted a first draft of a poem your gracious comments were entirely helpful. Here's another draft, this time a captured moment of today's NMH Founder's Day celebration. No title yet, and the sonnest form may have been too restrictive this evening, but, as always, for what it's worth:

Though glowing onyx, pickled plum,
Waterfall of shining black hair,
India where my freckled wife
Burns at summer sun’s touch, this girl
Rising from the front row of the concert band
Like a skyscraper at the Updike reading
Reminds me of the girl my wife is

In the photograph with the painted-in trees
Behind the baby’s bed, back in high school
When she did not yet exist
But as this stunningly beautiful knee-dangler
Crossing her ankles under the piano bench,
Ungrown into her body, taller than the boys,
Poised only when perfectly still, and alone.

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