Friday, January 31, 2003

Yeah, I Use A Template. So What?

I want this blog to be about the blogging: foremost, the writing here counts. The archives, you may have noticed, come first. Although there are surely glimpses into my psyche available to the astute and subtextual reader in everything from the choice of design to the featured archives, the writing itself reveals what it needs to. It is the me I wish to work with. William Carlos Williams says

"The objective in writing is, to reveal. It is not to teach, not to
advertise, not to see, not even to communicate (for that needs two)
but to reveal, which needs no other than the man himself."

I have avoided featuring supplementary information about me me me me. No picture, no iconographic pixie, no descriptive sentence in which each word is a link. But I've noticed a lot of bloggers have, somewhere, a list. Like this, or this. And I like creating lists, like writing sonnets; working within a structure soothes me.

In the effort to provide more background -- to expand the bookjacket authorial description, one might say, if one were so inclined to do so -- I am working on a list.

What should I include? What do you want to know about me or any blogauthor?

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