Wednesday, January 08, 2003


The hit counter's been driven up recently by my appearance in this fine blog, whose author has a good sociologist's eye for the bloggiverse and isn't afraid to use it. Thanks, Eric, for providing a fine read...and for the free plug, of course.

Am rereading -- out of order -- the four novellas that together comprise The Bachman Books. Is it just me, or is this Stephen King's best work?

If I don't start getting more than five hours of sleep a night, I will continue to need a nap by Wednesday afternoon.

So far I've had no problem living up to my only New Year's resolution: to not accidentally write the year as 2001 on my checks.

Speaking of New Years: is it wrong to want to participate in this noble experiment?

I miss The Onion when it goes on holiday hiatus, but I miss The Onion AV Club more. Thank god for Dan Savage. And for Pathetic Geek Stories.

Now that the baby has cut her first two teeth and can stand against the ottoman, it's time to start thinking of childproofing the house. Although it would be so much easier to houseproof the child.

The lady behind the pharmacy counter better get a clue: of course nicotene gum is addictive. No need to lecture me about it, just hand over the damn bag. Sheesh.

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