Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Visibility: Zero

Went out into the peasoup drizzlefog to pick up a New Year's feast; while I was gone, Ginny called to express disappointment that we weren't going to join her at a friend's party, and Josh and Clay called to let us know that they, too, felt like being alone this evening. Now there's a soft-as-butter black angus roast wrapped in bacon in the oven; once the baby falls asleep we're in for a candlelight supper and some wine, with curling up by the virtual hearth to follow. My kind of New Year's Eve, really. I used to want to be a party animal, but as I mellow in my old age I can accept myself for who I am: a cup of kindness and a loaf of thou are all I ever need to be complete. Happy New Year, everybloggy.

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