Monday, December 02, 2002

Teaching Blogging on Professional Day

This morning the faculty, all 175 of us, spent three hours in a diversity workshop discussing the difference between dialogue, discussion, and debate, and beginning the process of dialoguing about issues of diversity and equity at the school. I practiced my active listening skills.

Only two people showed up for my workshop this afternoon. I didn't mind so much, really; both were seriously interested in the ways that hypermedia and other non-linear forms finally offer, as one of them put it, a way for us to apply new notions of collaborative and interactive learning modes to high stakes work, which is a real epiphany for most teachers when they finally "get" what I teach.

David, a Math and Physics teacher here at NMH, was especially struck by the possibility that the blog form offers students as a way to journal in any subject. So, with my educational technologist hat firmly clamped on my head, I'm going into his classroom on Friday to teach his 9th graders how to blog, and, more importantly, how to do it in a literate and rhetorically appropriate manner given the parameters of the blog medium. It should be a noble experiment no matter the outcome.

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