Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Deep Thoughts, Shallow Paragraphs

The point of the blog, to me, is to heighten the sense of relevance. It is an opportunity and a mandate to be profound on a daily basis. Some other random thoughts I've been having:
  • I've accepted Winter and moved on. Does Winter become the way things are around this time of year every year, or is it just this year?
  • I am an autophile; I like my blog better than I like most other blogs. Nevertheless, seeing so many lives out there in all their cyberglory makes me happy, and discovering odd blogtopics or subgenres makes me happier.
  • Comments make me REALLY happy. Please say hi when you stop by!
  • Blogging is not so different from being on the radio. Both are intimately created, but invisibly read. Both involve some amount of public service announcement. Both are collage forms. Blog comments are like radio station callers; they let you know someone's out there.
  • If I'm really tired all the time, and by Wednesday of every week I need to take a nap, maybe I'm not nocturnal after all.
  • If my job were to disappear, I'd be unhappy, but ultimately I could cope with anything right now. The realization makes one feel superhuman.
  • Al Gore is SO primed to be a serious Presidential candidate in 2008. Want proof that Al Gore has changed? Zellie the spaz-dog, who until now was really only interested in other dogs on TV, barked at Al Gore's image today.
  • Either that, or even the dog thinks politics bear watching right now.

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