Thursday, November 21, 2002

We Are Two Trees

Willow was born on the morning of July 15th. Since then, about half of the things that come out my mouth are about her. I have had more conversations about poop in the past four months than in my entire lifetime BB (Before Baby). Who knew?

Meanwhile, about half the things that come out of her mouth are white and smell like sour milk. The rest runs the proverbial, preverbal gamut from wailing to giggling.

We're trying to teach her to say "hi" as her first word -- the first step in what promises to be a long process of guiltily trying to make her into someone we want her to be while pretending that it's the best way for her to develop into a healthy, independent adult. So far, the only sound she repeats even a bit regularly sounds something like "erla." We've decided to name her stuffed zebra "Erla" so it can be a real word.

Of course, all the experts say that babies don't talk for another few months. But surely all parents think their own kids can beat the curve, right?

Oh G-d, her life is already messed up and it really is my fault. So much for free choice and new age parenting. I suck.

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