Friday, November 29, 2002

Outside, The Coydogs Play Marco Polo

Virginia and I just went outside to see the snow.

It's always quiet around here when the students are gone.

But snow somehow makes everything quieter, if just for a little while. On those nights you can hear coydogs.

The coydogs are amorphous, unseen, mythical beasts hidden in the acres of New England wilderness that surrounds us here. They howl until the fog comes, and morning; all night; long after the train passes, whining, over the highway; while the dog shudders in her sleep beneath the comforter.

It is possible that they sense the quiet campus and fill the empty air with their voices in replacement. It seems equally possible that the coydogs are always there. Both possibilities seem ominous.

Last year another teacher's dog was killed by a coydog. We don't let Zellie out without a leash.

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