Thursday, November 21, 2002


Today everything I say will begin with "I." Except that sentence. And these last two. Bleargh.

I've been playing with templates. I like the one Molly and Collin used in their blogproject, but because Molly's blog already uses it, it feels like copying to use it, too. I know this is silly, as with less than 20 blog designs to choose from on Blogger, there's gonna necessarily be lots of folks using the same ones. I feel like I have to choose a different one anyway, so I chose this one (you're soaking in it now) instead. I am annoyed that the site seems to lose the CSS piece of the code (and thus all the good lookin' formatting) when I publish, but maybe this will go away.

I need a nap but it's the baby's turn. I don't hit consciousness fast enough to be able to sleep next to her in the bed so we have to take turns. I know this will eventually lead to disaster, but for now, it's worth it to watch her sleep.

I don't know if this "I" thing is working too well. Too artificial. Maybe tomorrow all sentences should begin with a different vowel. Or maybe I should just shut up.

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